Zero to Hero – How to become a racer

Zero to Hero – How to become a racer.

Have you ever thought what it would be like to race a motorcycle but you have never had the help or encouragement to know where to start?

How about giving supermotoland a call.

We specialise in training riders of all abilities and taking them onto a much higher level.

Our ‘Zero to Hero’ package allows you to train with us and master the skills of riding supermoto bikes to the highest level before joining the supermotoland race team to compete in the Spanish Supermoto championship.

There aren’t many options available to would be racers, that want expert guidance and tuition to reach the top the fast way. But we have the expertise and equipment to do just that.

What other teams have their own private supermoto training track along with some of the fastest supermoto bikes on the Spanish championship grid.

Give us a call to discuss a ‘zero to Hero’ package to suit you, and turn yourself into a racer.

Call Mat or Clare on +34 667405001 or email

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