Supermoto Dyno Tuning and Workshop

The supermotoland race team has its own in-house dyno facility to tune and develop its race winning supermoto bikes. Having the Dyno means that performance parts can be tried and tested on the dyno before then being retested on the supermotoland private test track, all at the same location. It brings a whole new dimension to tuning and evaluating changes that have been made to a bike.

The Dyno

The dyno we use is a state-of-the-art S68-LC Load Controlled Dynamometer (Eddy-Brake) with a Single Channel Air/Fuel Gas Analyser and Auto Climate Monitor to give the most accurate readings when engine testing.

Engine building and Tuning

Supermotoland is the official Husqvarna supported race team in the Spanish supermoto championship, and we build and tune our own race engines and bikes in house from our team workshop in Bullas, Murcia. We specialise in the Husqvarna FS450 / FC450 engines and the KTM SMR450 / SXF 450 engines from 2018 to 2024 models and we literally know them inside out. We stock a wide range of engine parts for these bikes.

If you want your engine rebuilt, serviced or upgraded then we can cover that. Email us at to touch base and tell us your requirements.

Labour rates are 30 euros per hour plus parts.

Dyno testing

If you would like to bring your bike to Supermotoland in Bullas, Murcia, Spain, to spend some time on the supermotoland Dyno and then to back this up with some track time on our private test track to make sure that what works on the Dyno also works on the track. Then drop us an email at and we will see what we can arrange.

We have an option where you can leave your bike with us and just fly in for training at the many Kart tracks here in Spain. Check out the Supermotoland bike storage page for full details.

We can take care of your bike for you and add performance parts and Dyno test them before taking the bike to the track for you to ride with a mechanic looking after you. Just about anything is possible at supermotoland as we know how important it is to get in some good training over winter, and to also set your bike up to the highest level.

Dyno rates are 150 euros per hour.

Suspension service and set up.

With so many years of race experience we know how to service and set up suspension for any rider. If you want us to service or set up your original suspension or swap it out for the latest Ohlins or Ktech suspension packages, then just get in touch and tell us what you want.

Bike Builds

If you would like us to build up a bike for you and kit it out with whatever performance products you fancy, then drop us a line. We build our own race bikes by taking a stock Husqvarna FS450 or KTM SMR450 and fitting it out with performance upgrades from suspension, ecu, brakes, wheels, crash protection and exhaust systems, and then we run it on our in-house dyno to get the best performance from the parts fitted. It results in an awesome bike build. We can upgrade your new or used bike into an absolute weapon.

We also sell our race bikes and race school bikes from time to time. Keep an eye out on the supermotoland shop to see what we have for sale. Any of our own used bikes will have been well maintained and serviced prior to sale so you be assured of many hours of trouble-free riding on a well set up and cared for machine.

All prices subject to Spanish IVA (VAT) at 21% where applicable.

Supermoto Dyno Tuning and Workshop

    Supermoto Dyno Tuning and Workshop