We train riders of all abilities, newcomers to supermoto and seasoned professionals alike, we have a training program to suit you at the supermotoland supermoto school.

For the serious road racer you need to be Training to the highest level between races. Most racers take care of their own fitness routines and diet, and practice when and where they can on supermoto/motocross/road race bikes.

However if you look across the Atlantic at the Best Supercross racers in the world you will see that they are taking training to a higher level with the likes of Aldon Baker and Ricky Carmichael providing training camps where they train their riders not just in fitness but also in riding technique and skills to make them faster and better than the next guy.

Motogp is starting to catch up with the Americans training techniques with Valentino Rossi opening his VR46 ranch in Italy and the continual increase in rider coaches in the Motogp paddock.

Supermotoland.com in Spain is the place to come to train in Europe…….we will make you faster.

We have trained with some of the fastest road racers in the world and adapted a program to suit their individual requirements. All our training is done on bike, using your own bike, or the race schools supermoto bikes. Whilst keeping it fun we train by simulating race conditions with other competitors so you are not training alone but in a race environment, constantly developing your race skills to sharpen your techniques and mind for the real racing ahead.

We Concentrate on race simulations with multiple riders and with all training geared towards the same duration as your Race plus 5 minutes so you are conditioning your body and mind to go the full distance at race pace, and to even up the pace, as the Race draws to a close.

Areas we cover in training are:- Starts, First laps, Overtaking (with / without contact), reducing fatigue, rider position/movement on the bike, Corner entry/mid/exit techniques whilst managing tyre wear, braking, Maximising pace as the tyres degrade. Hot laps, Race pace, Backing it in, pushing the front.

The main difference with us and the other training camps out there, is that we are on asphalt on a supermoto bike (the closest thing to road racing) and our coach is riding with you, pushing you to your limit, lap after lap, so that when you turn up to race, you know that you are better prepared than any other racer out there……………….If your serious about racing, you need to come here. Professional motogp rider or aspiring club racer, we can turn you into something special.

Prices on application.