Trackdays after Corona Virus Lockdown

As we all emerge from the Corona Virus covid 19 lock down there are going to be a lot of bikers very keen to get back on a bike ASAP. But what will be the state of play with Trackdays after Corona Virus Lockdown.

European Trackdays

A lot of it will depend on the country but the popular European trackdays in Spain and Italy may still be restricted compared to other countries as they were harder hit by the Corona Virus and may take longer to emerge from restrictions this summer. There is even talk in Spain of this season tourist season being cancelled with beaches and bars and restaurants unable to open.

Trackdays After Corona Virus Lockdown

So where does that leave the trackday rider once we come out of the corona virus lockdown? Well hopefully most trackdays in less affected countries will be able to open trackdays sooner rather than later with social distancing measures in place, Making Trackdays after Corona Virus Lockdown a possibility.

How about a weekend at the Supermotoland race school in Spain

If however if you fancy a bit of Spanish sun and yet restrictions prevent the opening of trackdays in Spain, then you may want to consider a few days at Supermotoland as an alternative.

Supermotoland is a race school in Murcia, Spain that caters for individuals and small groups on its own private track. This sort of activity is unlikely to suffer from lockdown restrictions as group sizes are limited to 5 to 10 riders on a private track.

Just turn up, we do the rest..

Even better than that all you need to do is turn up as the bikes, race wear, accommodation, instruction and meals are all catered for onsite if required meaning social distancing measures are adhered to.

What better way to have a blast on a bike without having to put too much effort into bike prep, logistics and planning.

Learn more than you ever thought possible

Even better than just having a blast on a bike you will find that you are learning a load of different skills that are all applicable to the bike you ride at home or on the race track. Your 2 x Spanish Supermoto champion instructor takes you through skills one step at a time with plenty of track time to practice them and have fun as you learn. With lessons in the morning and then open track time in the afternoon you can just keep riding until your just too tired to spin another lap.

From wheelies to Backing it in, learn it all…

You will learn it all, from body position and the effect it has on the bike, to braking, peg weighting, throttle application, wheelie control, backing it in and controlling a powerslide.

Many motogp, wsbk and other top racers use supermoto to train

You will soon see why so many motoGP, WSBK and other top riders all use supermoto to train and hone skills that they can then take to the track. You will also learn dirt skillsĀ  as well including bermed corners and jumps, all at a pace that is comfortable to you.

Round up your mates with prices as low as 295 euros each for groups of 3 plus riders

So round up your mates or come on your own. Rates are 495 euros (or 1295 euros for 3 day package) a day if you come on your own or as low as 295 euros per day if you come as a group.

Contact us now to get yourself booked in.

Make your next trackday after the corona virus lockdown an easy one to organize and just contact Clare at Supermotoland and she can book you in for some trackday action in Spain.

Tel +34 667405001 or email

The Supermotoland Husqvarna race team

Supermotoland is also the official Husqvarna supported race team in the Spanish Supermoto championship supported by Advance moves International Removals and Putoline motorcycle oils.

Check out the Supermotoland youtube chanel

Check out the Supermotoland youtube chanel for the multiple track layouts at supermotoland and also some riding and bike mechanic tips for all you riders out there.

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