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When you look at some of the best motorcycle racers in the world from MotoGP and World Superbike it soon becomes obvious that as well as physical training they are continually honing their skills on Supermoto bikes.

The reason for this is actually very simple, supermoto bikes are essentially dirt bikes that have had road race wheels and tyres fitted to them and the suspension lowered. It provides the ideal platform to practice all your road race skills and techniques at a much lower speed than an actual motogp or super bike.  This means you can push a bike to the limit time and time again and if you do end up crashing then the chance of injury is lessened as your speed is lower.

The supermoto bikes are also very robust and can be crashed all day long without sustaining much damage as they don’t have any fairings to smash. This is very important in high intensity race bike  training as you need to be able to find the limit of braking, cornering and accelerating and at the top level you need to be able to exceed these limits and save the crash, a skill that Marc Marquez has got down to a fine art.

Supermoto provides the perfect environment for riders of all levels to learn how ride a motorcycle to a much higher level. The bikes are forgiving, they have a lot of suspension movement and high levels of tyre grip which gives a rider a lot of feedback and feel. They are also tremendous fun to ride, everyone that has a go on one, wants more, it’s like a drug. Once you have got used to the feel of the bike then there is nothing like thrashing a supermoto around a kart track, you can really throw the bikes around as they are light and with real user friendly power.

At Supermotoland we specialise in training riders of all abilities to be able to ride a supermoto bike. The skills they learn with us are all transferable to the street bike or race bike that our clients have at home. Two or three days with us at our purpose built supermoto track in sunny Spain will turn you into a much more confident, faster and safer rider than you were before.

We train on modern supermoto race bikes  in full race trim, which sets us apart from other schools that use inferior and older bikes. Our current training bikes are the awesome 2018 Husqvarna FS450 which are also used in the supermotoland race team for the Spanish supermoto championship.

Clients can stay at a hotel of their choice or stay onsite at the supermotoland facility in a comfy two bedroom apartment. We only train in small groups, so you can come on your own or arrange a trip with a few friends or family. We have bikes for Kids as well, so a family with a child of 10 years or older can all train together.

A training day consists of a safety briefing followed by 4 track sessions that introduce four separate skills required for you to get the most out of riding a supermoto bike. These four steps cover, racing lines, body position, braking, acceleration and anti crash techniques, and by the end of the fourth session you will be hooked on supermoto for life and you will understand and feel more confident on any bike you ride thereafter. The rest of the day consists of refinement of techniques and lots of track time to nail the skills learnt, as the instructor introduces more advanced skills and techniques to get even more speed out of you.

The instructor rides with you so you have someone to follow and demonstrate techniques on track.  It also means we get some great go-pro footage of your riding as the instructor films you whilst following you around.  We also have a photographer taking pictures that are then given to you on an HD card at the end of the day, so you can see how well you have progressed.

Maximum group size is five riders which means everyone has one on one instruction during the day to make sure we get the best out of you. We train at your pace however, so you are never pushed beyond your limits, but by following our techniques you will naturally progress on the bike and become faster and more confident as the day goes on. A quick read of our facebook reviews shows how good the training is. But we keep it fun so you are enjoying yourself as you learn.

After Lunch there is some free track time to practise what you have learnt before you relax in the evening with a well deserved beer.

We recommend two to three days training to get the best out of the experience and it gives the instructor a chance to introduce some more advanced skills such as backing a bike into a corner. We also have dirt sections at the supermotoland track so (if required) dirt training can also be included. But some clients just want to stick to road riding which is fine. Training on dirt involves another set of skills and the risk of falling from the bike are a lot higher due to the lessened grip, although the speeds are even slower so crashes are slight. Dirt is great fun, with a few simple techniques you can learn to run berms (banked corners) and tackle jumps as we have a beginners, as well as an advanced dirt section to train on at Supermotoland.

When you leave supermotoland you will be exhausted both physically and mentally as riding a supermoto bike and learning so much can be tiring. However everyone really enjoys the whole experience and most people want to re-book for their next motorcycling holiday. The real difference comes when you ride your own bike again, on the track or on the road, you will find you have a greater understanding of what to do on a motorcycle and be able to ride faster and safer with more control and confidence.

The racers that train at supermotoland leave with increased speed, endurance, and understanding of bike limits and control which can all be applied to the race track on whatever bike they ride.

So what are you waiting for? Racer or road rider a few days at supermotoland is worth weeks of training on your own. Supermotoland is open all year round in sunny Spain and offers the very best in motorcycle training. For more information visit


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