Supermotoland Husqvarna race team exposure in 2020 (so far)

Supermotoland Husqvarna race team exposure


We thought we would put together a brief resume of the media content and exposure that the Supermotoland Husqvarna race team have generated so far this year with their impressive results.


We will start off with the racers.


Loris Ford-Dunn #82 (19 year old British national living in Spain)- Current championship leader in the SM Junior class of the Spanish supermoto championship.

Round 1 Albaida = P2/P2

Round 2 Villena = P3/P2

Social media channels = Facebook = 324 followers, and Instagram = 2571 followers, Twitter = 115 following



Israel Escalera Sanchis #22 (37 year old Valencian/Spanish national) – Currently 5th in the SM open Spanish championship but with the championship lead still in sight.

Round 1 Albaida = P4/P4

Round 2 Villena = P6/P2

Social media channels = Facebook = 148 followers, and Instagram = 239 followers



Khairul Rin #56 (18 year old Malaysian national – flying into Spain for each round and having to learn and race on tracks he has never seen before.) – Currently 10th in the SM Road Spanish championship.

Round 1 Albaida = DNF/P11

Round 2 Villena = P10/P11

Social media channels = Facebook = 737 followers, and Instagram = 1894 followers



Press releases (many of these are replicated and printed on other media platforms throughout the world) = Round 1 albaida, Round 2 Villena, Loris Ford-Dunn leads the Spanish supermoto championship,  RFME press release Villena, Centromotomedia, Super7moto,

Video content featuring riders and team (many of these are replicated and printed on other media platforms throughout the world and televised on Spanish National and regional channels) = RFME video round 1 Albaida, RFME Albaida highlights, RFME video round 2 Villena,  Youtube video of Villena (146,000 plus views), Loris training at Supermotoland 2020,


Supermotoland Husqvarna Race team Media exposure

The supermotoland race team and race school are very pro active at promoting both team and rider results and activities as well as constant exposure for all team sponsors and the activities of the supermotoland race school.

Social media channels = Facebook = 10,746 followers, Instagram = 1848 followers, Youtube = 134 subscribers

Website = – race team and race school website with news feed and online shop selling sponsors merchandise.

National newspaper/magazine exposure = Motorcyclenews2019,  Motorcyclenews2020, Fastbikes magazine 2020,  Dirtbike rider magazine 2020, Fast bikes magazine GO pro video,



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