Ready to Become a Pro? Here’s Why You Need to Try Motorcycle Race School

Here’s Why You Need to Try Motorcycle Race School

If you’re interested in serious racing, motorcycle race school has a ton of benefits to amp up your racing game. Here’s why you need to try it.

In 1949, the world saw its first World Championship in motorcycle racing, sparking an intense passion and interest in racing across the globe.

Since then, thousands of riders have dreamed of whipping around the track at high speeds. But training on the streets of their hometowns just isn’t an option.

There are only so many ways riders can grow their skills on country roads and small-town races.

And if you’re serious about going pro or at least amping up your skills on the track, you’ll need something a bit more intense.

Motorcycle race school will give you the edge you need to become the pro racer you’ve always dreamed of.

Here’s why you need to try a few sessions.

Classes Improve Your Start

Every successful race begins with a solid start.

If you struggle at the line, the rest of the race becomes more of a challenge. Not only will other riders edge you out – you’ll have to work harder and faster to stay with the pack.

During a race school session, you’ll get back to basics. And this means learning how to accelerate rapidly without spinning out, losing control, or missing your momentum.

Even if you’re an experienced racer, it’s easy to lose track of the basics. But the basics like a solid start are key in helping you go pro and maintaining an edge on your competition.

Become a Cornering Master

Few skills are as important as cornering. Turns, even on the track, come up quickly.

The less speed you lose while turning, the better.

Proper cornering technique is all about turning quickly while maintaining control. When you corner successfully, the bike glides through the turns without swinging out wide.

The tighter you can cling to the curve, the less opportunity other racers have to overtake you in the turns. This makes it easier to hold onto your lead longer.

That said, cornering is a full-body technique that takes training and practice to master. One slip and your bike might end up skidding down the track.

At a professional motorcycle race school, you’ll learn how to judge your body’s movement and get tips to further improve your technique.

Strengthen Your Passing Skills

If you’ve ever been in a race, you know there’s more than one way to pass other riders. Sometimes, you scoot by without incident. Others, you might tap the other rider or their bike.

Both are acceptable, but knowing when to use each method can be tough when you’re just starting out.

Worse, making the right move at the wrong time can cost you your lead.

At a training session, you’ll learn how to overtake other riders properly, both with and without contact.

You’ll be able to judge the space between you and the track and identify the right moment to make your move.

Learn More About Your Bike

Racing is hard on your bike and different types of tracks change how your tires wear. Unless you’re an experienced racer, this can throw your performance off from race to race.

During a training class, you’ll learn how to identify the signs of underperforming components and be better prepared to judge how tires change over the course of the race.

This allows you to make micro adjustments to your technique which can mean the difference between winning and falling behind.

Save Yourself the Muscle Strain

Everyone develops bad habits after riding for a few years. For most people, this means bad posture.

Over the course of a race, that bad posture can leave you feeling stiff and sore. Worse, it can increase your risk of injuries over time.

The last thing any rider wants to do is have their professional motorcycle racing dreams cut short because of an easily preventable injury!

Part of your training will discuss ways to improve and maintain good posture. This includes going over proper form on your bike and discussing the types of exercises needed to keep your body in top condition.

Improve Your Speed

It all comes down to speed. The faster you are, the more likely you are to win.

But without the right technique, you can lose speed quickly. By enrolling in a pro motorcycle racing program, the skills you learn will help you maintain your speed.

Without a firm foundation, you can’t race at high speeds. And if you can’t go fast, you can’t win.

Boost Your Confidence

Though speed is one of the most important components of a successful race, it’s not the only one.

In fact, professional racing is about more than just going fast. It’s about having the right mindset to perform well on the track.

If you talk to pros in the industry, you’ll quickly learn that many riders still consider a race successful even if they don’t win.


Because they pushed their personal limits. They beat their personal records.

And they were able to do this because they felt confident in their skills.

They don’t let the nerves at the beginning of the race cloud their judgment or impact their performance. They know their skills will be enough to get them to the finish line.

Training programs are not a substitute for regular practice. But they can give you the confidence you need to perform more effectively on the track for years to come.

When you can look at the field, analyze how your body is moving, and adjust for changes in your bike on the fly, you’re ready to enter the pro circuit.

Should You Enroll in Motorcycle Race School?

If you’re looking to take your riding to the next level, but find that practice just isn’t enough to improve your skills, it’s time to get some extra help.

Our intense motorcycle race school and training camps are designed to help go from amateur to pro quickly. Request more information and take the next step towards achieving your professional racing goals.

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