Race report for round 2 of the Spanish supermoto championship

The Supermotoland Husqvarna race team was in action over the weekend for the 2nd round of the Spanish Supermoto championship at the Albaida circuit in Valencia region.

It was a hot, sunny weekend on a short track that has a real intensity about it, as racers have to push so hard to better their lap times and to make passes.

British racer Loris Ford-Dunn, who lives in Spain had a tough time in the SM road class. Normally at the sharp end of the grid, he had a rough time in turn one of the first race and then had to fight hard to make it home in 5th position. It could easily have been a 4th if a lapped rider had not hindered him on the final lap, allowing a competitor to get past.

The 2nd race started even worse when he has knocked off his bike on the first lap of the race, but this started an epic charge through the pack to finish in 6th position and salvage some much need championship points. He now sits in 5th position in the championship.

American racer Will Mcmahon was in action alongside Loris in the Sm road class. He just keeps improving with faster and more consistent lap times over the weekend. He finished 14th in race one and then 11th in race two. Leaving him 14th overall in the championship standings.

British racer Damon Offer raced in the SM road +30 master class for racers over 30 years old. He had a great weekend in only his 2nd ever supermoto race. Finishing 9th and 9th in his two races, which moved him up to 5th overall in the championship standings.

British racer Nick Cronin also raced in the SM road +30 master class and finished 10th and 10th in his two races. A superb effort considering he is still recovering from extensive knee surgery and this is his 3rd ever supermoto race. He now stands 6th overall in the Spanish championship.

British racer Ryan Blackburn also raced in the SM road +30 master class in his 2nd ever supermoto race. He finised 11th and 11th in his two races which moves him up to 7th overall in the Spanish supermoto championship.

With all racers improving on their championship positions it was a great weekend for the Supermotoland Husqvarna race team. We would like to thank the racers, the mechanics and team personnel and all our sponsors for the unbelievable amount of effort, training, time and enthusiasm that make racing with us such a blast.

We race again in 2 weeks at the DR7 circuit in Tarancon, near Madrid on 6th and 7th May.

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