Putoline motorcycle oils continue support of Supermotoland for 2019

Putoline motorcycle oils and the Supermotoland race team and race school are pleased to continue their association into the 2019 race season.

Supermotoland has used Putoline lubricants on all its bikes for a number of years now, primarily due to the extreme demands that the race school and race team put on the Husqvarna FS450 supermoto bikes.

With the supermotoland bikes in constant hard use its important that we use an engine oil and other lubricants that provide high levels of protection and performance to both the engine and other moving parts on the bike.

Using Putoline has meant we can actually extend our service intervals at Supermotoland, as wear is drastically reduced when using Putoline motorcycle oils. In the long run using a quality oil like putoline keeps your bike safe whilst performing at a high level.

When we do strip an engine its hard to measure any significant wear between the piston we are removing to the new piston that we are fitting. and thats after 50 to 75 hours hard use on the FS450…..incredible.

If you would like more information about Putoline Motorcycle oils or to purchase some oils from them then visit their website at www.putoline.com

If you want to see the oil in action and fancy a supermoto training experience then visit the supermotoland website at www.supermotoland.com or email us at race@supermotoland.com – supermoto holidays and training in Spain.

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