Italian GP race report

Italian GP race report.
The Supermotoland Husqvarna race team decided to take a 5 rider team to the Italian Supermoto Grand Prix last weekend to give some of its young racers a taste of world championship level supermoto racing.
Despite the tricky wet and damp conditions the team came away with a lot of experience and some pretty decent results.
First up was the two young Australian racers Dominic Fletcher and Harley Thomas. On a track that they had never even seen before, they both had a couple of solid rides to score points in the S1GP rookies championship with a 14th and 15th position overall respectively. The results don’t actually show what a task these two had in learning a new track with an asphalt sky zone (the first time either racer had experienced such a thing) in wet conditions against the worlds best riders who had all been to the track before.
Next up was the S4 (road only) European championship racers. Malaysian racer Khairulamirin Yahaya finished 8th overall and American Racer Will Mcmahon finished 9th overall in the tricky conditions. It was almost a podium finish for British racer Loris Ford-Dunn however his chances were taken away from him when another racer wiped him out with just 2 laps to go. He still managed a 5th overall.
The supermotoland Husqvarna was very proud to field such an international line up of young racers and to give them all a chance at a GP ride.

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