How to become a motorcycle racer

Advance Moves sponsors the supermotoland Husqvarna race team.

How to become a motorcycle racer.


There are many budding racers out there. Guys and girls of all ages that have probably played and ridden bikes for a long time but have never made the move into actually racing a bike because of varying reasons.


Well the supermotoland race school can change all that. Supermotoland was established in 2010 as a supermoto race team and race school and since then it has developed and flourished to become one of the top teams in the Spanish supermoto championship. For 2020 the supermotoland team will become the official Husqvarna team in the Spanish supermoto championship and former Spanish champion Israel Escalera has already signed for the team as number one rider. Other riders include Loris Ford-Dunn in Sm lites, Juan Antonio Mompo Flor in Sm Master and south African racer Jay Baxendale in SM Road. More racers will be announced as they join the team, it’s a real international field.


The Supermotoland Husqvarna race team has team rides available for other riders to join the team. This is a joint initiative between the supermotoland race team and Husqvarna Motorcycles with the aim of bringing new riders into the Spanish supermoto championship with the support and backing of a manufacturer and a complete race school and training facility to assist riders with achieving their goals. The team rides that are available are heavily subsidised but will still require the rider to contribute financially. (details below). However the deals available are incredible value for money as the racer will be joining a grand prix winning team in a highly prestigious national race series in Spain. This is the same championship that Iker Lecuona won in 2015 and he has now just signed to race in MotoGP with red bull KTM, so you can see the potential for launching a road race career off the back of a successful supermoto race season.


If you are interested in a team ride then contact the supermotoland race team by visiting the website. Full contact details are on the site and we can put together a training program to get you up to speed before the season starts in May 2020.


Full details of the race team options are below:-

Supermotoland is the official Husqvarna supported team in the Spanish supermoto championship for 2020.

Supermotoland  is a highly successful supermoto race school and race team, and  it’s no surprise that we have Grand prix wins and multiple national and regional titles to our name,  as well as countless race wins and podiums from our many team riders since the teams formulation in 2010.

We have our own purpose built training track with multiple layouts at our team base in Bullas, Murcia, Spain from where we build and tune our own engines to produce some of the fastest and best handling supermoto bikes in the Spanish championship.

We want riders of all ages and abilities to join the supermotoland race team for the 2020 Spanish supermoto championship. You can choose to compete in the entire 4/5 round Spanish championship or just selected wild card races that suit your own racing plans. If you are new to racing or require additional training then we can formulate a package to suit your own requirements with pre season and mid season training and coaching at the supermotoland training track in Murcia. All our racers receive top class technical support and training facilities to ensure that they are well prepared for racing at the best of their ability.


We are looking for riders in the following categories:-

SM Open – top class, with dirt section

SM Lites – youth class 15 to 21 with dirt section

SM Master 30 – riders over 30 years old with dirt section

SM Road – Top class, asphalt only

SM Road Master – asphalt only for riders over 30 years old



We have three bike hire options available for racing with the Supermotoland race team.

Option A (economy package)– Bike hire of a 2018 Husqvarna FS450, k-tech  air to spring forks and upgraded wp rear shock. Race tuned engine. 16 inch front wheel.  This is a very economical way of racing. Prices are 250 euros per day bike hire.

Option B (Race bike) – Bike hire of a 2018 Husqvarna FS450, k-tech air to spring forks and upgraded wp rear shock. HGS exhaust, Vortex ignition and Full race tuned engine. (one of the fastest bikes on the Spanish grid). This is an economical way to race but with top class machinery capable of getting you on the podium. Prices are 300 euros per day bike hire.

Option C (GP BIke) – Bike hire of a 2020 Husqvarna FS450, Ohlins forks and shock, HGS exhaust, vortex ignition and full race tuned engine, AIM lap timer and data logger, Quick shifter, upgraded front brake system. This is a GP spec bike to give you the very best shot at race wins and a national title. Prices are 500 euros per day bike hire.


All of the above includes bike hire and technical assistance only. You provide your own mechanic and cover all running and entry costs yourself, Essentially you are hiring a bike from us and working out of our paddock set up with our material and backing. Prices include the bike arriving on day one equipped with used tyres for practice. You will then need to purchase and fit at least one set of new or part worn race tyres to the bike at your own expense that will then become the property of supermotoland.

Spanish championship races are 3 day events. We can arrange additional preseason or mid season training at the supermotoland training track in Murcia  for the same day rate as detailed above. we can also arrange bike hire for regional races but a minimum charge of 500 euros applies for a one day event.

Places in the Supermotoland race team are limited and priority is given to those pilots wishing to compete for the entire season. A place in the team is secured now by a 300 Euro non refundable deposit. So book your place in the Spanish supermoto championship with one of the best teams running some of the fastest bikes.



As well as attracting the support of Husqvarna for 2020 the supermotoland race team is also pleased to announce that international removals company advancemoves will continue as a major sponsor into 2020 and 2021. The online based Advancemoves, is a unique website that allows a user to instantly obtain a quotation for a household or commercial removal anywhere in the world which is then backed up by up to 5 quotes from independent removal companies to allow the user to select their desired removals option.


Advance Moves was founded in 2002 and primarily dealt with European removals between the UK and Spain but then expanded its popular removals services to include the rest of the world before developing its unique online quick quote facility. Now, through their international agents and partners they can provide quotations for removal services anywhere in the world and the online quick quote system takes just 30 seconds for the user to enter some pretty basic information before an instant online quotation is emailed to them, followed up by up to 5 independent professional remover quotes that the user can then decide to which one best suits their requirements. All of this saves the user a lot of time and effort in obtaining a quotation for a removal and budgeting for their removal. Advance moves also has a Spanish language site as well as pages dedicated to moving information for the countries that a user maybe looking to move to. Check them out!!


Advance Moves feel that becoming the title sponsor of the Supermotoland race team and the supermotoland race school activities gives them an excellent platform for exposure throughout Europe and the world in an exciting and action packed sport. Advance moves will also be using the supermotoland race school for corporate entertainment events where by their clients can experience the thrills of learning to ride fast on a supermoto bike with expert coaching, on a private track with luxury onsite accommodation.


Both supermotoland Husqvarna and Advance Moves are looking forward to an exciting and successful 2020.


The Supermotoland Husqvarna race team still have capacity for additional team sponsors and technical partners to join the team for the 2020 race season. If you are interested in joining the team as a sponsor then full details are below:-


Team sponsorship packages for 2020

For 2020 Supermotoland will become the official Husqvarna race team in the Spanish supermoto championship, and with former Spanish champion ‘Israel Escalera’  already signed as number one rider in the team you can be sure that we will be fighting for the championship title and race wins all year..

We are looking for sponsors to join the Supermotoland Husqvarna Race team for 2020 and we have formulated a number of packages to suit potential sponsors like yourself.


Option A – minor team sponsor package = Your company name and logo on the race bikes. Hospitality at race meetings, 2 x sets of team clothing. Price = 1000 Euros


Option B – Intermediate team Sponsor package = Your company name and logo on the race bikes as a major sponsor on the sides, front and back of the bikes. Hospitality at race meetings, 2 x sets of team clothing, free corporate entertainment day at  Supermotoland with up to 5 riders being taught how to ride supermoto and having fun, lunch, medical insurance and kit hire all included. Price = 4000 Euros


Option C – Major team sponsor package = Your company name and logo in a prominent position on the front, back and sides of the team race bikes. as well as being featured on the teams hospitality and work area  in the race paddock. Hospitality at race meetings for yourselves and selected guests.  2 x sets of team clothing and 20 x team t-shirts. Your company name and logo featured on team poster/calendar and copies available as give a ways.  2 x free corporate entertainment days at Supermotoland with up to 5 riders being taught how to ride supermoto and having fun, lunch, medical insurance and kit hire all included. Price = 10000 Euros


Option D – Headline team sponsor package = Your Company name features as part of the team name. Your company name and logo in the prime position on the front, back and sides of the team race bikes, as well as being heavily featured on the teams hospitality and work area  in the race paddock, as well as flags and banners. Hospitality at race meetings for yourselves and selected guests. Team  clothing to feature your company name and logo. 5 x sets of team clothing and 50 x team t-shirts. Your company name and logo featured on team poster/calendar and copies available as give a ways.  4 x free corporate entertainment days at Supermotoland with up to 5 riders being taught how to ride supermoto and having fun, lunch, medical insurance and kit hire all included. Price = 40000 Euros


All sponsors will benefit from the association with an exciting sport and the Husqvarna Motorcycles brand name, and our own marketing efforts and exposure from national TV and press channels. There are also government incentives and tax breaks when sponsoring sports teams that may totally offset your company’s financial input.


If you are interested in joining the Supermotoland Husqvarna race team as a technical partner or with product support then details on joing the team are below :-


Supermotoland Husqvarna is looking for technical partners and sponsors to join our race team and race school for the upcoming 2020 season.

Supermotoland is a highly successful race team based in Murcia, Spain, that has national supermoto titles and GP wins to its name. In conjunction with its racing activities, Supermotoland also runs a supermoto race school from our purpose built supermoto track and workshop facilities, exclusive to the Team and School.

Supermotoland supplies parts and services (through our online shop) to other supermoto teams and riders throughout Spain and Europe, and has an ever expanding client base of racers and riders that come for training and racing supermoto.


The benefits of a partnership with Supermotoland are:-

Exposure and image through our racing activities in the Spanish Supermoto championship and other international races that are televised and generate international media exposure. Corporate hospitality is available at these races  and team activities are also promoted on our social media channels and website.

We are constantly promoting our race school to all sectors of the motorcycle industry and press. This creates a lot of publicity with journalists covering our activities in print and online. Our clients that attend the race school get to experience our sponsors products first hand as they are training on race bikes, and many of our clients go on to purchase supermoto bikes and products that they have become familiar with.

Our race school provides an excellent base for corporate  events for companies looking to entertain their client base with something a little more exciting than your normal P.R. event. Imagine how impressive it would be to have your key clients taught how to ride supermoto, in a fun and team building environment.

For our technical partners there is no better team to help develop and test parts, with our own practice track with a dirt/jump section and full onsite workshop and dyno facilities we know how to make a product work. Let us help you to develop and test something to its limit…..


We promote and sell all our sponsors products through our online shop at

Supermotoland’s client base if forever growing, bringing products and services direct to supermoto riders and racers around the world. We hope you are interested in joining us



Supermoto Race school

As well as all of our racing activities our core business is operating the supermoto race school from our base in Bullas, Murcia, Spain. If you have never tried supermoto then you really need to have a go. Its a lot of fun, you learn loads and speeds are lower so a crash is a lot less likely to hurt both yourself and the wallet.

No matter what you currently ride or race, here are Seven reasons why you should have a go at supermoto.


So what is supermoto?


Supermoto bikes are essentially dirtbikes with slick tyres and upgraded suspension and brakes. Tracks are usually 75% asphalt (usually kart tracks) and with a 25% off road dirt section with jumps and berms. A lot of people skip the dirt and just ride on asphalt, so then its just like road racing.


Now, you really want to be riding supermoto because:-


Your fed up with hurting yourself doing motocross, but love jumps, berms and mud – If you ride MX then you will already have most of the supermoto skills and you will be riding a smoother track with the thrill of a good off road section as well as the new speed of a 63 BHP single cylinder 450 being held flat out around a kart track. Ton up speeds are common place on the longer straights. But the chance of accidents are lessened as the dirt zone is smoother and more predictable than MX tracks.


You have spent all your money road racing or on trackdays and want the same thrill but still be able to eat. – Supermoto is a very cheap alternative to road racing. Pick up a brand new bike for about £9500 GBP, add on a few trick bits if you really feel the need, and off you go. Tyres last days rather than sessions, track fees are more like £20 a day than £200. There are a lot more kart tracks than road race circuits and they are generally open most days, so training becomes more frequent and easier. Just about everything is a fraction of the price of road racing.


it’s safer – Motorsport is dangerous, but I think supermoto is about as low risk as you can go, whilst still experiencing that ‘need for speed’. The speeds are lower than road racing, the dirt is smoother and more predictable than MX. generally when you go down you slide a little in your full leather race suit, then jump up, dust yourself off, and away you go again. Damage is minimal to you and the bike.


No big repair bills – Supermoto bikes are made to crash. Even in the biggest crashes you will probably only bend a clutch lever or if you’re really unlucky, bend a set of renthals. These bikes are made to crash. No expensive fairings to replace. Even after a hard days crashing your bike will generally look as good as new once you power washed her off.


Where else can you learn just about every skill you could possibly require on a motorcycle – If you’re looking at greater things then there is no better training ground than supermoto. you learn road race and MX skills, you will learn heavy braking, trail braking, backing it in, rear brake wheelie control, powersliding, wheelies, stoppies, saving the front when its tucked away from you, body position, jumping, berms, controling a bike with dirty tyres on asphalt…. the list goes on. A couple of years on Supermoto will make you a better rider on any bike, you will learn and understand how to get the best out of man and machine.


It can take you all the way to the top – As well as the Supermoto racing scene that has both National, European and World championships, you will also spot a few riders moving from supermoto racing into top flight road racing and Motocross. Iker Lecuona is a current top man in moto2 and for 2020 is moving up with the big boys into MotoGP with the Red Bull KTM team, only a few seasons ago was a 16 year old kid that won the Spanish SM road supermoto championship. You also have the likes of Christian Iddon and Keith Farmer who are former SM racers who are now throwing their weight around in British Superbike, and don’t forget Roman Febvre who went from SM into MXGP and won a world title….all the way to the top. There are many more SM stars that have gone on to shine in other racing disciplines, it’s just I can’t think of them all at the moment.


Its ageless – Supermoto paddocks are made up of people from all walks of life and all ages. it’s timeless. Most races have classes split by age so everyone that turns up has loads of fun and a shot at a podium. The camaraderie amongst competitors is there to be seen as friends race on the track and laugh in the bar once the day is done.


So where do you start? That’s easy – book yourself into the race school in sunny spain for a 2 or 3 day training course on your own private supermoto track, and with a two times Spanish championship winning instructor. Everything is provided for you, bikes, food, accommodation, instruction, kit hire, medical insurance, the lot…Come on your own or get a few mates together and have a great laugh on and off the track whilst turning yourself into a much better rider.


For more information on supermotoland, visit our website at or email or call +34 667405001

Start your way in supermoto with us…………..



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