Supermoto Race School
From our base in Murcia, Spain, we have access to a wide range of Supermoto tracks that are open all year round due to the fantastic weather that Spain has to offer. To get good on a Supermoto bike, you need time on a bike with personal instruction on how to improve your technique. From a novice rider through to a seasoned expert, our Supermoto school will get the best out of you.
Anthony 'Sid' Ford-Dunn is your instructor. He finished 2nd overall in the 2010 Spanish Supermoto championship and is the only rider in Spain that has developed 'The Swoop' to a level where others are left trailing. It's not just about backing it in, Sid will show you how to swoop it in. Our classes are small so that instruction is on a one to one basis for as much time as possible. You will be shown techniques on all aspects of Supermoto - braking, backing it in, power sliding, jumping, wheelies, knee down & foot down techniques.

You can come on your own or team up with a few friends. Our standard schools run from Tuesday to Thursday (3 days riding) with yourselves flying into Alicante airport and staying in the coastal resort of Benidorm, so a good night life after a hard days training is guaranteed. You will be riding one of our team bikes for the duration of the school, so it really is just a case of turning up with your riding gear and having a great time. Friends and family are welcome to come along as well to just have a holiday for a few days...
The Classes -


As long as you have basic motorcycle riding skills this course will have you gaining confidence and ability very quickly. We teach you the basic racing skills at a rate that you are comfortable with. By the end of the course you will have covered and practiced most of the skills required for Supermoto racing and will be able to apply these techniques to other motorcycles. Your next Sunday ride out will never be the same.


You will already be a Supermoto rider but we will refine your technique to make you faster and safer. Loads of track time with instruction and guidance to get the best out of you.

Road Racer

Supermoto Race School

If you have watched Moto 2 or Moto GP this year then you will know that the boys at the sharp end are backing it in...How do they do that? - Answer - They all ride Supermoto bikes!

More and more road racers are backing their bikes into corners. The reason is to take some of the load away from the front tyre so that it does not start to push as you enter a corner and you are also turning the bike ready to exit the corner.

It's a simple technique that will make you faster and less prone to pushing the front on corner entry, avoiding potential crashes and eliminating chatter.

We teach you how to back it in and how to power slide out. Supermoto teaches you the skills that you need to make you a better road racer. It's the easiest way to learn these skills at a slower and safer speed than actual road racing.

Your instructor 'Sid' rides knee down Supermoto and he has taken backing it in to the next level. 'The Swoop' is the art of getting a Supermoto bike through a corner the same way a Speedway rider would, sliding the bike so deep into the corner that you are already turned before you are power sliding the bike back out.

What are you going to be doing this Winter to make yourself more competitive?