With years of road racing, motocross and supermoto racing behind us, Supermotoland.com is a family run business that is dedicated to achieving the best possible results on the track by continually developing our bikes and riding techniques. Every day we strive to learn something new that provides us with that extra advantage over our competitors.

Bruce Ford-Dunn is the race team manager and is also the person who is responsible for developing the bikes to their current level. It is only through extensive research and development and hours of time spent on our in house Dyno facility that we have produced some of the fastest Supermoto bikes in Europe.
Anthony 'Sid' Ford-Dunn is the team's main rider and race school instructor. He has many years of road racing, Motocross, and Supermoto racing experience, and finished 2nd overall in the Spanish championship with 4 moto victories and 3 overall wins of the 6 round championship. At only 25 years of age, he wants to go one position better in 2011.

Mathew Ford-Dunn is the team's 2nd rider who competes in the SM30 (Veterans Class) of the Spanish championship. Primarily from a 125GP road racing background, 2010 was Mats first year of Supermoto racing in which he finished a very respectable 3rd position in the tough SM30 Class.

For 2011 the team continues to race in the Spanish championships as well as selected Spanish and European events. Keep track of our progress on the race reports page.